DGA Network Nederland

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Postbus 50064
8002 LB Zwolle
+31 (0)6 30 11 36 56 secretariaat@dganetwork.nl www.dganetwork.nl

Membership of the DGA network is strictly personal and reserved for the director-major shareholder of medium-sized to large companies and businesses. It wants to provide a trusted and inspiring environment in an appropriate setting.


The companies and businesses that are part of the DGA Network innovate, build and start new companies and projects internationally. Because of this, these companies create many job opportunities. The entrepreneurs come from different branches from all over the country, including Twente.


Entrepreneurs need future-proof advice from time to time, for example, on the continuity of their business, on caring for employees or on succession. DGA Network offers another perspective to director-major shareholders. The network inspires them through other like-minded director-major shareholders from all ages, from starting entrepreneurs to those with mountains of experience. They all combine a great sense of responsibility with social involvement and an entrepreneurial and decisive attitude. These entrepreneurs explicitly choose to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with the other members of this exclusive network. 

Exclusive meetings

DGA Network organises at least eight exclusive meetings every year, consisting of a balanced mix between entertainment, knowledge, inspiration and friendliness. A consistent element of these private meetings is an introduction by a speaker.

Network partners

DGA Network works on a sustainable future together with other network organisations.

DGA Network Netherlands’ goal

For director-major shareholders of medium-sized and large companies. DGA Network Netherlands’ goal is sharing wise advice, new perspectives and experiences of experienced and less experienced director-major shareholders.