De Maatschappij dep. Twente

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P/a Oranjestraat 10
7451 CC Holten
06-48 567 309

De Maatschappij contributes to innovation for an entrepreneurial society in and outside Twente with numerous initiatives. Meetings with inspirational speakers, company visits and masterclasses are organised in departments. There is also an annual national or regional congress on a topical theme. Connecting the business community, knowledge institutions and governments are always central. De Maatschappij also initiates projects, which then continue independently.

Network of connections

The Twente department of De Maatschappij wants to distinguish itself from other network organisations in Twente by organising meetings on relevant social themes, always highlighted by expert speakers. Besides organising appealing lectures, De Maatschappij also regularly visits interesting companies or organisations in Twente, and they have high regard for culture. Because of their regional interpretation, they make use of the strength and knowledge present in Twente. Contacts are utilised as much as possible to establish connections with representatives from the business community, knowledge institutions and public administration.

Network partners

De Maatschappij works on a sustainable future together with other network organisations.

Maatschappij dep. Twente’s goal

For the business community, public administration and knowledge institutions. De Maatschappij’s goal is to organise meetings on relevant social themes highlighted by expert speakers from the region.