Chamber of Commerce

Working for entrepreneurs

The Chamber of Commerce (KVK) from entrepreneurial Enschede in Twente offers information, education and support to starting and existing entrepreneurs. The statutory tasks of the KVK focus on registering and advising entrepreneurs. The practical, digital dashboard ‘KVK Regiodata’ also offers insight into specific economic characteristics in which Twente municipalities and the network society as a whole distinguish themselves from the rest of the Netherlands.

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Hengelosestraat 585
7521 AG Enschede

KVK highlights many important topics for entrepreneurs. It is a source of information for entrepreneurs and a logical place for contacting the government. KVK is also the connecting link between governments, non-profit organisations and entrepreneurial Twente. Information is clustered around themes that are important to entrepreneurs, such as starting and taking over a company, innovation and internationalisation, laws and regulations, financing and fraud prevention.

Mandatory services

KVK manages numerous registers, including the trade register. This is a centralised place where entrepreneurs can get as much certainty as possible regarding digital and business-related economic traffic. The trade register also offers a practical convenience for entrepreneurs, as they only need to enter their data once. Legal entities also have to submit annual documents to the KVK, who then take care of the registration and make the information accessible. Annual statements are directly linked to the registration in the trade register.

Working together in harmony

KVK, as a governmental party, works closely with entrepreneurs. KVK is looking for new forms of cooperation to boost the economy and the innovative power of companies from Twente. They are making connections between relevant stakeholders for this purpose so that regional and national initiatives can be optimally implemented. Research from KVK also contributes to the knowledge of the current entrepreneurial climate. For example, authorities such as municipalities can develop and test economic policies so that newly launched initiatives can exploit opportunities and do not encounter any bottlenecks.

Dashboard regional data Twente

KVK’s regional data dashboard shows specific characteristics in which a municipality, or Twente as a whole, distinguishes itself. This digital data tool clearly shows distinctive economic characteristics of municipalities and Twente. It has data on many themes, such as demography, education, economy, art & culture, real estate, infrastructure and entrepreneurship. It is a benchmark based on more than 170 indicators. The ten highest and ten lowest-scoring indicators are shown and compared to the averages of other municipalities or regions, or the Netherlands as a whole.

Network partners

The Chamber of Commerce (KVK) works on a sustainable future together with other network partners.

Chamber of Commerce’s goal

The Chamber of Commerce provides entrepreneurs with up-to-date online information and advisory services to optimise their business and seize growth opportunities.