Frankenhuis: Textile recycling in a new era

With the establishment of new owners at Frankenhuis BV, a lot has changed in a relatively short period of time. With the slogan ‘Creative & surprisingly clear’, Frankenhuis from Haaksbergen engages in the high-quality recycling of post-consumer and industrial textiles. The company is the single fiberizer of non-wearable (post-consumer) clothing in the Netherlands and also in Europe, it is one of the few fiberizers of this level. And it is not just about fiberization, at Frankenhuis they are also actively looking for innovative applications of recycled fibers.

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Turning fanning dust into paper

Last year, Frankenhuis invested in a second production line, with which the company can grow towards a production of around 15.000 to 20.000 tons per year. In addition, the open dust filtering system has been completely exchanged by a closed system. That is important because a lot of dust must be drawn out during the process of fiberizing textile. While before, the dust was partly released again in the production facility, it is now collected entirely and compressed. A significant improvement for the employees. And another benefit is that the dust can partially be turned into paper!

Bags, mops, blankets and suitcases

Alongside investing, restructuring and starting up, 2016 for Frankenhuis has been all about looking for new applications and markets for the fibers. Think, alongside felt products like bags and laptop sleeves, for example, also of mops and blankets. The fibers are also colour-sorted and mixed with PLA (polylactic acid), of which subsequently felt and laminate are made of and are later turned into the final product. The applications of these products are large; from tabletops and chairs to clocks and suitcases.

From old denim to sound absorbing wallpaper

Under the brand DenimTex, Frankenhuis, together with painting company van der Geest, has launched a circular wall decoration. From old denim fibers and other waste textiles, a decorative and sound absorbing wallpaper is made. This responds to the growing demand for circular construction products. Frankenhuis also worked along on the development of the ’Blue Camp tent’ in which old jeans have been integrated. This upcoming summer, 30 Blue Camp tents will be put to the test on Vlieland.

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