Workshop: Better Picture

Online appointments, they are the order of the day. Meetings, training sessions, but also job interviews now take place online. How do you present yourself online? Do you show what you want to show? You will work on it in the training: Better in Image. Online of course!

Event details

When: 14 June 2023
Time: 10:00 - 12:00
Organizer: de Bibliotheek Hof van Twente
Location: Online

Global Goal

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The training will be given by Simone Beune. She too is increasingly using Zoom of Teams for online contact. What strikes her more than ever is that you cannot NOT communicate with your appearance. Because you always tell a message with your entire appearance, even on a screen!


What comes up?

  • How do you fill your screen?
  • How do you become visible?
  • Are you showing what you want to show?
  • Is your message complete?
  • Is the memory you want to leave behind correct?
  • All questions that are scrutinized during the training. You will also get tips on the do's & don'ts of screen presentation and clothing communication.


Registration and costs
The job interview is free for members and non-members of the Library. Registration is required. We use the Zoom program to meet online.

More information

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