MedTech Twente Week 2023

Join MedTech Twente Week 2023 on 1, 2 and 3 November!

Together we empower our future healthcare with medical technology. The MedTech Twente cluster is fully focussed on accelerating medical technological innovations by creating the best ecosystem. Here, researchers, clinicians, startups and scale-ups find each other and work together on future healthcare innovations that make a difference.

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When: 1 Up to and including 3 November 2023
Location: TechMed Centre, Enschede

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MedTech Twente Week consists of 3 days full of MedTech innovations. In 2022 the TechMed Event showed us state-of-the-art medical technology and the latest scientific research. During the Exchange Dinner, corporates sat down with promising startups to share their lessons learned. Capital and internationalisation were the two core topics of day two: our MedTech Business Event. We closed the week with the MedTech Talent Event, which focused on involving talented students in the MedTech sector, and the Robotics Summit 2.0. Overall we welcomed more than 850 MedTech experts (in the making), which resulted in hundreds of matchmaking meetings!

29 OCT - 1 NOV | CS4H Conference
Citizen Science and the involvement of patients in health research have a huge potential to contribute to innovative health research as well as to society. Join this event to shape this innovation! The engagement of patients in health research has a long tradition, even though their impact on, e.g. decision-making on research questions, methodology, ethics, analysis and data management remains limited. Researchers, students, policymakers, citizens, societal organizations and companies and the interested public are welcome to discuss, open minds, and inspire collaborations around citizen science for health.

More information about the conference

1 NOV | TechMed Event

The TechMed Event in Twente focuses on technological advancements for a healthier and sustainable future. Healthcare, while improving people's health, contributes to significant CO2 emissions, waste, and resource consumption. Climate change has implications for well-being, including heat-related illnesses and social-economic consequences. The MedTech sector can help mitigate climate change and revolutionize healthcare delivery by promoting sustainable practices and adopting environmentally friendly technologies. The TechMed Event brings together leading stakeholders to discuss the impact of medical technologies on global healthcare and create a roadmap for a sustainable future. 

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2 NOV | MedTech Business Event

MedTech Business Event will guide you through the exciting journey of innovative business. Explore a multitude of opportunities to nurture MedTech startups and propel the growth of established MedTech companies. 
Engage in interactive sessions focusing on co-creation, market validation, funding strategies, international expansion, and certification processes. Additionally, gain access to our exclusive matchmaking tool, connecting you with industry professionals to learn from and collaborate with. 

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