PHD-student advanced bioadhesives for lung tissue

University of Twente is seeking a PHD-student advanced bioadhesives for lung tissue. Please check the vacancy for more information.

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The prospective PhD candidate will operate as member of a recently awarded consortium. The PhD candidate position is available immediately. In this project, novel lung adhesive biomaterials will be developed for realization of an innovative treatment of lung diseases and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in particular. This approach represents a beyond-state-of-the-art solution with huge clinical potential, which the candidate will contribute by developing and testing a crosslinkable hydrogel that is adhesive to either lung tissue or lung mucus. In collaboration with University Medical Centre Groningen the hydrogel will be thoroughly analyzed using advanced in vitro models and even human lung tissue.

The aim of the presently available PhD-position is to develop and incorporate various lung adhesive moieties onto crosslinkable polymer backbones and perform analytical, rheological, tissue adhesive, and cytocompatibility studies on the resulting materials. After lead candidate selection, you will collaborate with a cell biologist from University Medical Centre Groningen to determine preclinical performance of the resulting adhesive biomaterial. You will therefore work on the multidisciplinary interface of polymer chemistry, materials science, tissue engineering, and minimally invasive lung treatment. This will develop a wide skill set which will include synthesis of modified polymers, hydrogel development, biomaterials characterization, rheological expertise, and cell culture and differentiation as well as writing of high impact scientific publications.


  • You hold a master’s degree in polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, or materials science, or an equivalent master’s education;
  • You have excellent analytical skills and an innate ability for solution-oriented problem solving;
  • You have strong interests in polymer chemistry, material characterization, cell-biomaterial interaction, and pulmonological applications;
  • You have experience in polymer synthesis, tissue adhesives, material synthesis/characterization, and/or material visualization techniques. Experience in hydrogels, cell culture, and rheological analysis will be considered as a benefit;
  • You have affinity for working with native (animal) tissue samples to test the performance of developed materials;
  • You possess excellent social and communication skills, in academic as well as non-academic contexts.
  • You love working in a team in which fundamental and applied research cross-fertilize.
  • You have a creative and critical attitude, combined with perseverance and being flexible and stress-resistant.
  • You are fluent in English language skills, both in speaking and writing.


  • Fully paid fulltime position for four years
  • The university offers a dynamic ecosystem with enthusiastic colleagues in a stimulating scientific environment.
  • The PhD salary is € 2.541,-  in the first year and increases to € 3.247,- in the fourth year.
  • A holiday allowance of 8% of the gross annual salary and a year-end bonus of 8.3%.
  • A solid pension scheme.
  • A professional and personal development program within Graduate School Twente.
  • The number of holiday hours for full-time employment is 232 hours per calendar year.
  • A personal development program within the Twente Graduate School.
  • A family-friendly institution that offers parental leave (both paid and unpaid)
  • Free access to sports facilities on campus
  • The flexibility to work (partially) from home
  • The University offers a dynamic ecosystem with enthusiastic colleagues

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About the department

The PhD-candidate will work in the Leijten Lab and the Paez Lab, which are both part of the department of Developmental Bioengineering. The department of Developmental BioEngineeringis a research group with a highly international character. Our main goal is to investigate and explore the potential of novel (micro)technologies in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Our department has a strong history in the development of various biofabrication technologies and advanced biomaterials, which have been leveraged to create a family of next-generation bioinks for various biomedical applications. DBE is distinguished as a Centre of Excellence and part of the Technical Medical Centre of the University of Twente, which is widely recognized for its cutting-edge developments in biomedical technology and advanced biomanufacturing.

About the organisation

The Faculty of Science & Technology (Technische Natuurwetenschappen, TNW) engages some 700 staff members and 2000 students in education and research on the cutting edge of chemical technology, applied physics and biomedical technology. Our fields of application include sustainable energy, process technology and materials science, nanotechnology and technical medicine. As part of a people-first tech university that aims to shape society, individuals and connections, our faculty works together intensively with industrial partners and researchers in the Netherlands and abroad, and conducts extensive research for external commissioning parties and funders. Our research has a high profile both in the Netherlands and internationally and is strengthened by the many young researchers working on innovative projects with as doctoral candidates and post-docs. It has been accommodated in three multidisciplinary UT research institutes: Mesa+ Institute, TechMed Centre and Digital Society Institute.


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