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As the customer success manager, you’re the main point of contact between OneThird and the customer. You manage projects from preparation to evaluation and develop a close relationship with the relevant stakeholders of the customer. You play a vital role in developing trust in and commitment to OneThird’s solution.

You are keen on identifying (operational) bottlenecks, spotting room for process improvements to make sure that implementations run smoothly: in the dynamic environment of fresh produce, you need to respond and adapt – fast.

You are curious, and you like to get to the bottom of things, even in domains that you’ve never entered before. You are not afraid to dive in together with the customer’s team to get things done!

You spot commercial opportunities and act on them together with the commercial team. You closely work together with the data science and development to make sure the project’s KPIs are met.

You will make sure that any relevant feedback from our customers and learnings from the project will be communicated to our organization, so we make sure we know what to do to be successful in the short term and use it as input our long-term product roadmap. You will provide regular project updates to the (management) team.

Typical work month

  • You’re at any time fully aware of project status, so 40+% of your time is communicating with customers and the internal team on determine and work on next steps. 
  • 20% of your time you’re working with our business development manager to pull in new projects, set up a new project together with these leads and define planning and KPIs.
  • 20% of your time will be spent on writing documentation. This could project proposals, planning and scheduling, and reports about results of pilot projects. 
  • Depending on the location of the customers you’re supporting, about 10-25% of your time will be visiting customers to build and strengthen the relationship and learn all there is to know about their business and validate the value OneThird can create. 
  • You will reserve time to create and update project status for management and the rest of the organization during the bi-monthly team meeting and update everyone during our daily calls. 


  • You have 3-5 years of relevant experience in customer success and / or account management
  • You have proven project management expertise; you know how to keep track of many different, concurrent projects
  • You are pro-active and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • You own a driver’s license and are willing to travel internationally occasionally
  • You are fluent in Dutch + English. Additionally German, French or Spanish is a plus.
  • You have strong affinity with, and possibly experience in food and tech; experience in a startup environment is a plus.

Bedrijfsprofiel OneThird

We care about results and maximizing customer satisfaction. We care about commitment to our mission; preventing food waste and making a difference in the world. We value team work and face to face interactions, as it’s people who make the difference. But we don’t care about making hours in the office just for the sake of it. We don’t care about meetings for the sake of meetings. 

We understand some people are more productive in the morning and others later in the day. We’ve been a hybrid office organization even before Covid hit the world. 

There a specific touch points when we all meet, our morning daily check-ins, which can be done virtually. So we’re all aware what’s going on. We’ll try to meet at least once a week face-to-face in the office, as some things are just better to do in person. And once every 6-8 weeks we’ll spend a couple of hours together reflecting on our past successes and set-backs, reminding ourselves of our long-term goals and set new goals for the next 6-8 week period. 

But besides these touch points, we’ll let you choose where you want to work. If you feel comfortable in the office, we’ll see you there. If you’re more productive in your home office, don’t let us stop you! 

How do you best contribute to our results, customer satisfaction and fulfilling our mission? 


Provide our customers with predictive real-time shelf-life information of fresh produce, enabling them to take more dynamic decisions in the supply chain to avoid food waste and save operational costs. Getting the right product, to the right place at the right time. Saving time and preventing waste.


Our vision is to become the objective standard for assessing quality of fresh produce from farm to fork, through building the ultimate digital twin database.

Values & Culture:

Make an impact! 

This one might not be a surprise; we are committed to make considerable environmental impact: Reducing food waste at our customers and therefore contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and fresh water use.  


Lean Start-up Innovation 

We strongly believe that radicle innovations need to be developed in close collaboration with customers. What is the problem to be solved; who is going to use it; how does it fit in (or replace) existing processes; and where are the biggest benefits for them. As a result we were already working in the field within 6 months after the start of OneThird and have never left.  


Let’s make a difference by doing 

We work on big ideas to fulfil our dreams. But we don’t only dream, we DO. We see the vision, create a plan how we get one step closer and then go after it. Sure, there will be a lot of challenges, but if you stop looking at the hurdles, have the result in mind, commit to it, and give it your all, we will get there, one step at a time

Unique positioning in the market:

OneThird enables customers to assess fresh produce throughout the supply chain, from harvest all the way to the store using an easy-to-use handheld. We provide unique holistic parameters -like shelf-life and taste- which allow for immediate decisions after assessment. Data can be tracked and shared through the online dashboards within the supply chain.  Offering a subscription pricing model, allows customers to pay-as-you-go and ensures continuous updates of the algorithms OneThird provides.


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