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At Nedap, we strongly believe that we can empower people using technology and create technology for life; we want to put people first, then technology. Within Nedap Healthcare this means developing people-driven solutions that help bring meaning and joy to the work and life of healthcare professionals, informal carers, and the people they care for. People make the difference. And this shows in how we build technology.

The healthcare market is constantly changing. Both for the healthcare professional as for the client, patient and their environment. We are there for them. We believe that people together make care better. We develop technology that helps people to be the best they can be. From care administration, support with a daily rhythm, the development of a healthy lifestyle to the safe provision of medical information and control of health. In this way, we help people to take more control of their (professional) lives.

To ensure we can keep doing this and prepare ourselves for the future we are changing the way we work together from independent teams to several independent tribes. Each tribe contains multiple products and processes that support one main process in healthcare.

Within our Logistics tribe, we contribute to the Nedap Healthcare vision by helping people give and receive the right care, in the right place at the right time. We strive for a balance between the needs of care providers, care recipients and care providers. We optimize the quality of care by efficiently matching people, time and resources, while at the same time increasing job satisfaction. For the tribe to be able to work effectively and come to shared decision-making, we are looking for a Tribe Lead.

Your primary responsibility as Tribe Lead is to sharpen and expand the existing organisational structure of how the tribe works together and where the tribe is able to make decisions as a group effectively. It’s your responsibility to make that change in the transition from working from independent teams to multiple (project) teams within the tribe.

This means in the beginning, you will have to take a more active role in the decision making process, ensuring the tribe reaches it goals. The end goal is to have a structure in place where you can act more as a facilitator that visibly represents the tribe. At that point you will still be responsible for the tribe and accountable for its success.

Your team

With many different products and multiple teams within the tribe you will not be part of just one team but you will become a part of a large group of creatives, developers and healthcare specialists.


We are looking for someone who believes in the power of creating an integrated solution that seamlessly works together. Someone who will empower others but doesn't shy away from taking charge when needed. Someone who believes excellent solutions can only be created when we are in direct contact with our users and aims to embed this in how the tribe works. This starts by giving the right example and by visiting customers regularly to stay in touch and sharing our story towards the sectors in which we are active.

We looked carefully at what we consider important for the role of Tribe Lead. In the appendix you will find an overview of the skills and characteristics that can help you to fulfil this role. We don’t expect you to be experienced in all of these subjects at the same time, but they may serve as a help guide as to what we are looking for. Looking at the overview, where would you place yourself and where do you think your strengths or areas of improvement are when applying for the role. We would be happy to discuss this with you.


Obviously, we offer excellent primary and secondary conditions. You are responsible for your own working hours and holidays. Nobody keeps track, as we rely on your own accountability. Moreover, we offer you the means to fulfil your own responsibilities. We also have a good financial arrangement. Nedap does not only offer you a salary and holiday allowance, but also an annual bonus, dividends, and the option of shares. Moreover, we have a very interesting pension arrangement. But most of all, we invest in your development! Nedap takes your development very seriously. We offer an extensive introduction programme and a personal development journey, and we will gladly look at your potential with you.

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About Nedap Healthcare

We help care givers and nurses to save time on administrative tasks. With our technology, they are able to spend less time on registering, planning, reporting, and drawing up care plans, allowing them to devote more time to their patients. The family can also be informed immediately about the patient’s wellbeing at the touch of a button.


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