Multiple (graduation-) assignments (ME/AP/CSE/ID) regarding development of a hydrogen electrolyzer

DEMCON is offering multiple (graduation-) assignments (ME/AP/CSE/ID) regarding development of a hydrogen electrolyzer.

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In the research and development of this product, there is room for students to make a meaningful contribution. A broad variety of subjects needs investigation to realize a working design in the end. For example, the following aspects need to be covered:

  • Electrode and membrane materials are an important factor that contribute towards lifetime, reliability and efficiency of the electrolyzing process. A possible assignment could be to develop a test setup in which different configurations can be tested and measured.
  • The final electrolyser design needs to be scalable. Therefore, an architecture of smaller cells needs to be developed, where cells can be assembled and tested in an early stage of production. The early development phase needs DfX to generate cost-effective design solutions.
  • Traditional electrolyzer systems use a membrane in order to separate the H2 and O2 sides in the electrolyzer cell. However these membranes contribute significantly to the costs of the electrolyzer product. In literature also membrane-less designs are described. The translation of such a design to an actual cell and evaluation of the performance is valuable information.
  • Various aspects of the electrolyzer need to be simulated in order to evaluate and optimize the performance of a design before realization. This includes fluid/gas flow behavior, thermal design and mechanical integrity of the system.

Demcon searches academic students to contribute to the development of this electrolyzer product. Students with different backgrounds can qualify for an assignment, for example Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Industrial Design or Mechanical Engineering. The prototyping and testing facilities at the Demcon head office are at your disposal to ensure that you can test your ideas in practice. Demcon engineers will guide and help you throughout your assignment. The exact scope of the assignment is not carved in stone yet, which gives some extra flexibility for the student to adjust the scope to his/her competences.


Start: In alignment with student

Duration: In alignment with student

Education: Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, Chemical Technology, Industrial Design

Education level: BSc (HBO), MSc (WO)



Bedrijfsprofiel DEMCON

Demcon is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems with focus areas being high-tech systems, industrial systems, embedded systems and medical systems. As a system supplier, Demcon can meet the entire needs of its clients: from proof of principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production.


Demcon Energy Systems seeks to make an impact on the energy transition by developing a containerized, scalable solution that can store excess green energy in the form of hydrogen. An electrolyzer, which is currently under development, will produce this green hydrogen. The hydrogen is then stored and/or transported via pipelines for later regeneration to electrical energy. Initially an electrolyzer with a capacity of 1 MW is foreseen.


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