Afstudeeropdracht: development of adesign tool for the design of products with an IP-classification

Demcon is offering an assignment: development of adesign tool for the design of products with an IP-classification, for graduate students.

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Demcon searches an academic/applied sciences student IPO/ID, which will take care of the development of the IP-design tool during an internship/graduation internship. Besides the research into regulations and currently applied sealing methods, the student generates examples by building and testing the various types of ingress protections. The student can use the prototyping facilities of Demcon to build the ingress protection designs. As a validation for the developed IP-design tool, the student will apply the tool for the design of an ingress protection within a currently developed product at Demcon. The exact scope of the assignment is not pinned yet, which remains some extra flexibility for the student to adjust the scope to his/her competences. During the process, Demcon employees will supervise and help with the process.


Are you the student who wants to develop, test and apply your IP-design tool? Then we might just to be a match!


Start: In alignment with student

Duration: In alignment with student

Education: IPO / ID  

Education level: BSc (HBO) or MSc (WO)

Location: Enschede

Bedrijfsprofiel DEMCON

Demcon is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems with focus areas being high-tech systems, industrial systems, embedded systems and medical systems. As a system supplier, Demcon can meet the entire needs of its clients: from proof of principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production.

The project

A significant number of products, which Demcon develops, are required to have a so-called Ingress Protection (IP) value. This classification is indicating the degree to which (parts of the) products are protected against water and solid particles. The value is consisting of two digits, which each are representing the achieved level of water/solid particle protection. Every level of IP classification has different needs, but also every product has different needs. Often the enclosure of the products needs openings for cooling of internal components, which generates another challenge: How to provide cooling to a product, which has to be watertight?

An IP design tool would be a perfect application to guide the design process for products with IP requirements at Demcon. The tool has to contain the most important facets of the design of a product with IP-classification. For example, an overview of the IP regulations and currently applied solutions have to be included. Furthermore, do’s and don’ts, points of attention and recommendations IP levels should become clear within the design guide.


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