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You work in a team but are also independent during visits to research centres. Your daily andweekly schedules are very dynamic, ranging from days at the office to long working days in hospital throughout the Netherlands (and sometimes Belgium).

Your work is very varied. You know the trial protocol inside out. It is important to have excellent social skills and a good spoken and written command of Dutch and English. You area good presenter and professional on the phone.

You carry out source document verification: you compare the data in the Case Report Form with the information in the patients’ medical status. You are conscientious at recording all the performed research actions. You also check whether the research is executed in accordance with the research protocol and the legislation and regulations. You take corrective measures if research workers divert from protocol and function as everyone’s go-to person.

An especially interesting and dynamic job which enables you to develop socially and scientifically. Each new trial is a new challenge, always exciting and full of surprises. It is essential that you build and maintain a valuable and long-term professional relationship with our clients, medical researchers and research workers, pharmacists and laboratory workers.


Have you completed a (para)medical Higher Vocational Education or University Degree, and do you have experience with medical scientific research, preferably as CRA, please apply.

Bedrijfsprofiel Clinical Trial Service BV

A CRA or Clinical Trial Monitor supervises medical scientific research initiated by pharmaceutical companies, medical aids companies or medical researchers. You oversee quality control with regard to the running of research and safeguarding of patient safety.


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