Internship Marketing and Communication

BlueXPRT is looking for someone to fulfill the Internship Marketing and Communication.

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  • Creating and Collecting content for Social Media:
  • Measure content creation for periodic posts and results;
  • Media communication: collecting content for press releases (photos and text) and developing
  • a press release;
  • Internal communication: conducting interviews and writing articles;
  • Discovering, processing and project-based marketing needs from the entire organization with
  • your own ideas and initiatives;
  • Participate / assist in current projects and new EC proposals;
  • Freedom to develop your own communication strategies and creative strategies with
  • international collaborators within projects.


  • Fluency in English (C1 level minimum); multilingual is welcomed
  • Flexible and willingness to adapt
  • Good writing and presentation skills
  • Experience in application of online marketing tools and communication strategies


3 months or more (2021); financial compensation depends on level of education and year. 

Bedrijfsprofiel BlueXPRP

BlueXPRT is a small company located in the Netherlands and headquartered in the Eastern city of Enschede. The company started in 2018 with a focus on developing innovative approaches to battle against issues plaguing the world of today such as climate change or plastic pollution. BlueXPRT achieves this through using internal networks to build consortia, strategies innovative yet practical and manage administrative duties to ultimately acquire funding via various EU-based monetary schemes. It then takes responsibility and aids the large consortia of international renown institutes and industries to reach project goals.

Background on current project:

BlueXPRT is currently involved in the EU-funded project titled “In-No-Plastic”. This funded project started in October 2020 with BlueXPRT being the acting project manager supporting SINTEF from Norway. The project is centred on creating tech-savvy and socially designated plastic clean-up strategies to gather nano, micro and macro plastics. The clean-ups are aimed at wonderful beaches and large industrial complexes. Furthermore, the aim is to ultimately investigate circular approaches to close the loop on plastic with a desirable business case.

For a project this vast in scale, ranging from the European Union to the Caribbean, BlueXPRT is designated with a multitude of responsibilities with tasks of various nature, always offering something new! With a consortium of 17 partners across multiple continents, maintaining communication flow and adhering to the project’s scope becomes a great challenge. For you, this will be a great opportunity to be introduced to the world of European innovation, contribute towards the movement towards sustainability, broaden your own network and be part of tackling the global problems of today.


By clicking the application button, you will be navigated to the website of BlueXPRT. In case the link is not working anymore, the vacancy has expired and you will no longer be able to apply. We try to keep our job database as up-to-date as possible, we would very much appreciate it if you could let us know in case a link is not working. 

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