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When it comes to Mechatronics for the semiconductor- and related High Tech Systems industry, MECAL has gained extensive experience in this field. MECAL is involved in design, engineering and realization of passive- and active vibration isolation systems, dynamic balanced robots, manipulators for placing SMT components, thermal processing equipment and camera based inspection- and observation systems.

High precision, high throughput and first time right are often the key words in our development projects. MECAL carries out these projects in house, starting with the specification and concept phase and up and until prototyping, qualification and production of small series.

The aim of this project is to measure the in-plane behaviour of a bolt connection by modal analysis. The test setup which is used for measuring the axial behaviour can be used for this study. In the test setup several materials can be measured. The results, mode shapes and corresponding frequencies, will be compared with FEM results and the results of the bolt tool. If needed the bolt tool must be improved to calculate the correct in-plane stiffness. The project deliverables are:

  1. Measurement plan how to measure the in-plane behaviour of a bolt connection by modal analysis
  2. Results of measurements (mode shapes and corresponding frequencies) for several situations / materials.
  3. Validation of FEM model by using the measurement results (axial and in-plane)
  4. Improved version of bolt tool.

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A bolt connection is a default connection between at least 2 parts of a construction. Most of the times the connections in the construction are over-dimensioned. In these cases, the mechanical behaviour of the construction depends on the behaviour of the parts and not on the behaviour of the connections. However this is not possible in each situation. If the connection itself has a large influence on the mechanical behaviour of the construction then this should be known to the designer. The behaviour of the construction can be analysed by using Finite Element Method (FEM) but then also some knowledge about the connection is needed. The behaviour of a connection must be known in two directions, axial and in-plane. The behaviour in axial direction is important for the axial stiffness and the preload of the connection. The in-plane behaviour is more complex and most times slip between the connected parts is unwanted and uncontrolled. Within MECAL, a bolt connection tool has been developed which is based on measurements and linked to a validated FEM model.


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MECAL is a fast-growing, global engineering organisation, headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands. With Dutch offices located in Enschede, Groningen, Eindhoven and our US-based office in Virginia MECAL employs roughly 150 people worldwide. We offer a wide range of innovative, high-tech products and services to the Wind Energy, Semiconductor- and related High Tech Systems industry in close cooperation with outstanding partners.


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