Wierden and Enter have a varied range of businesses, where the construction, IT, manufacturing and trade sectors are particularly well-represented. Two fairly new business parks provide excellent opportunities for setting up or relocating businesses.

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Moving towards a circular society

Business park Elsmoat in Enter is being developed in collaboration with entrepreneurial Rijssen-Holten. You can find it next to the A1 motorway, a road that connects to the west of the country, Germany, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Entrepreneurs that want their companies to be seen can find attractive, easily visible locations here. Entrepreneurial Wierden and Enter are easily accessible by road, and Wierden also has rail connections in all directions.

Frontrunner in social entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Wierden achieved the highest performance level of the Social Enterprise Society Ladder (PSO). Wierden and Enter employ more people distanced from the labour market than other towns of similar sizes. They put a lot of energy into creating high-quality and sustainable jobs for this target group. More and more companies and organisations embrace the social ambition of creating an inclusive society with equal opportunities for all.

State of business and sustainability

An up-to-date view of Wierden and Enter with background information on business activity and sustainability can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten, VNG):


Municipality of Wierden

Wierden consists of the villages Wierden and Enter, as well as five hamlets. There are over 24,000 inhabitants.


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For Wierden, by Wierden

Sustainability is an important topic for the inhabitants of Wierden, and many initiatives are being launched. For example, the ‘De Groene Weuste’ solar park was constructed because of an initiative by citizens who joined forces to create the Wierden-Enter Energy Foundation. The project also served a socio-economic aspect of sustainability: local companies also recruited unemployed people so that they could gain experience and increase their chances on the labour market. However, much more is needed to generate 22.8 per cent of all energy from renewable sources by 2024, which is the goal that the municipality of Wierden has set for itself. They are working hard to create maximum support for coherent sustainability policies and action programmes, together with residents, interest groups, companies and expert specialists.


Peace, space, nature and history

The municipality of Wierden is modern, and it has many amenities. It has also retained something from the past because of its small village centres. Twente ‘noaberschap’ (neighbourliness) is still alive here. People are there for each other. It is, therefore, only logical that club life flourishes here. Extensive nature areas such as the Wierdense Veld invite you to walk, cycle and have fun. Tourism is an increasingly important part of the economy in the municipality of Wierden. The charming village of Enter greatly contributes to this. It used to be a village with clog makers and boatmen. The clogs were transported over the Regge with flat-bottomed barges to all parts of the country. This past is kept alive with a museum, events and attractions.


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