Connecting in the network society

Everyday life takes place in a networked society in which digital connections are becoming more and more intensive. InnoValor from entrepreneurial Enschede in Twente advises organisations on creating IT innovations that can be trusted by the public, customers and other interested parties. The company uses an approach that is based on research: ‘research-based advice’. That is the fundament for building advanced software.

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Consumenten communiceren meer en meer digitaal met dienstverleners, overheden, bedrijven en andere organisaties. Tegelijkertijd worden samenwerkingsketens tussen organisaties vergaand gedigitaliseerd. De netwerksamenleving biedt kansen, niet alleen bedreigingen. Kansen voor nieuwe businessmodellen, kansen voor betere dienstverlening en kansen voor kostenbesparingen. Organisaties moeten innoveren om deze kansen te pakken.

Making innovations valuable

InnoValor operates independently by pragmatically combining scientific insights and continuously switching between disciplines. The company structurally participates in research projects with knowledge institutions and other innovative organisations to stay ahead. After all, good advice requires substantive expertise and domain knowledge. The focus is on what the company considers to be essential for IT-driven innovations to be of value. These values are digital trust, robust business models, agility and innovation management.

Digital innovation

InnoValor’s expertise finds its way into the government, the financial sector, healthcare and other service providers on a daily basis. This is how the company makes a sustainable contribution to creating value from digital innovations and software solutions. Digital innovation does require a solid foundation. Broad knowledge is necessary because the digital society keeps becoming more and more complex. In-depth knowledge is required, as well. This scientific approach can be found in the company’s customer-focused approach and its people; they are mostly academically educated and often have doctorates.

Digital trust

Distances do not exist in the digital world, so how do you create enough trust among consumers and stakeholders to do business at a distance? After all, someone’s digital identity and personal data are their most valuable assets. InnoValor uses its high-quality knowledge and expertise to show how we can fully trust each other online. This makes existing services more efficient and paves the way for new services, such as in the cloud and as part of the ‘Internet of Things’.

New dependencies

The frequent collection and exchange of personal or confidential data put great pressure on trust. New dependencies arise, above all, making the quality and continuity of service providers dependent on data provided by other organisations. InnoValor’s innovative

solutions are needed to control these risks and realise or restore digital trust. This is not just a technological challenge; it also involves operational, managerial, legal, business-economic and communicative challenges such as agreement systems, governance, user perception and business models.

Digital agility

Digital technologies structurally change companies and organisations. InnoValor has years of experience in doing this effectively by moving alongside market conditions. They help the company create and strategically deploy agility and anticipate changes in consumers’ experience or regulations. InnoValor always puts the company’s business at the centre so that this is translated into all levels.

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