Our entrepreneurs can find plenty of opportunities in Dinkelland. There are business parks at different centres to fulfil their ambitions. These business parks are continuously developed to attract more entrepreneurs. The town’s location close to the German border also provides opportunities.

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Gemeente Dinkelland
Nicolaasplein 5
7591 MA Denekamp
+31 (0)541 854 100 info@dinkelland.nl www.dinkelland.nl
Rich of opportunities for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Dinkelland looks further than its region and maintains partnerships with a variety of partners in the German province Nedersaksen. By doing so, it is an ideal location for entrepreneurs that want to operate on a European level.

Entrepreneurial environment

Work and entrepreneurship are important in Dinkelland. A hands-on mentality fosters a strong drive for entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial associations of the different centres are united in an umbrella platform to make sure their voice is heard. In turn, the municipality established an entrepreneurial service team, which entrepreneurs can turn to with their questions, ideas and plans. They work together enthusiastically to strengthen the business climate significantly.


The Municipality of Dinkelland has stated in a sustainability agenda that its goal is to generate twenty per cent of its energy with sustainable resources by 2023. By 2030, that must be at thirty per cent. Special attention is paid to making the agricultural sector more sustainable, which has by tradition a strong presence here. Changing market conditions and regulations combined with the urgency to invest in animal welfare and environmental measures pressure the sector and space. In Dinkelland, people are therefore searching for comprehensive, sustainable solutions. In the pursuit of more circular agriculture, initiatives have been set up in fertiliser processing and soil use. To succeed, it is vital to find a balance between the different interests of the agricultural sector, nature conservation and the increasing tourist industry.

State of business activity and sustainability

An up-to-date picture with background information about activity and sustainability in Dinkelland can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG):

Municipality of Dinkelland

The Municipality of Dinkelland includes previous municipalities Denekamp, Ootmarsum and Weerselo plus the centres Rossum, Deurningen, Saasveld, Noord Deurningen, Lattrop-Breklenkamp, Tilligte, Oud Ootmarsum en Nutter and nine hamlets.


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Life and tourism in Dinkelland

With its breath-taking bocage landscape and numerous representations of traditional Twente culture, the Municipality of Dinkelland has grown into a tourist attraction. The centre of all cultural and recreational activity is Ootmarsum, also known as the 'art town of the east', because of the many art galleries in the authentic centre. There is also much to enjoy elsewhere in the municipality of Dinkelland: from old castles and country estates, gorgeous cycling and walking routes and numerous events to customs and sights rooted in a rich history.


The range of accommodation possibilities is broad and varies from luxurious hotels and resorts with wellness centres and golf courses to attractive bed & breakfast establishments and farm campsites.


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