Bruco Integrated Circuits B.V.

Bruco Integrated Circuits from entrepreneurial Borne in Twente specialises in developing, designing and producing integrated circuits. These ICs are a crucial part of all kinds of modern devices and systems. The circuits, in which all components are integrated on a chip, convert analogue signals, such as radio waves, light waves and sound, into digital signals. In this way, they provide information as input for devices and systems.

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Bruco Integrated Circuits
B.V.Oostermaat 2
7623CS Borne
+31 (0)74 2406 600
Crucial high-tech components for the future

We would not have smartphones, computers, washing machines, you name it, without IC’s. ICs are processed in consumer electronics, the automotive industry – such as in safety and intelligent traffic systems – and in medical equipment – such as for diagnosis and imaging. They are also used for industrial applications, including the internet of things.

Complex manufacturing

Fabricating ICs is incredibly complex. Analogue and digital components have very different characteristics, for example, in terms of required voltage and energy consumption. Efficient energy conversion is therefore required. Bruco has built up an international reputation with its specialist, high-quality expertise, and their clients include many well-known brands. 


The logistic activities and the consultancy and training services are housed in subsidiaries: Bruco Components and Dizain-Sync. In addition to the facility in Borne, Bruco has a test and validation laboratory in Nijmegen.