Earth is calling... Collaboration between human and laser

Smart machines and installations are necessary to keep up with changing wishes. The next step in the automation is the intuitive installation of Trumpf that is directed by voice messages. It is a key technology for the digital industry.

In short

  • Further development of high-tech machines helps the Smart Factory
  • Smart machinery that are controlled by voice, work more efficiently, simpler and more flexible
  • Trumpf launched a laser installation with artificial intelligence

Global Goal

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Developing production

Trumpf, based in Hengelo, is the market- and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial production. Trumpf considers it as their task to further develop production technology, make it economical attractive, precise and future-proof. Moreover, Trumpf wants to integrate this technology into a network. Trumpf's software solutions pave the way towards the Smart Factory. In addition, the company facilitates high-tech processes in industrial electronics.


In line with this vision, Trumpf presented a laser installation with artificial intelligence (AI) at the Munich trade fair.  This laser can be controlled intuitively by a spoken command - exactly as is the case with smartphones with voice recognition.

Intuitive installations

In the technology study that Trumpf showed, the operator is able to directly record various relevant control commands into a microphone. Examples of these commands are: ‘open / close doors’, ‘start marking’ and ‘how many products have you marked today?’ The laser gives an answer and carries out the spoken command. Directing the machine with voice commands offers several advantages. For example, the machine is easy to operate for unexperienced users. By using voice commands, the complicated entry of the commands via the operator interface (with a multiple-layer menu structure) is no longer necessary. In addition, the operator is, while speaking, able to prepare or take out next part in the installation process. Because of this, time can be saved. Moreover, voice control also allows disabled people to operate the machine. AI makes production with lasers even more efficient, simpler and more flexible.

Continue to develop

In a second phase, Trumpf wants to further simplify the operation of the marking installation. At this moment, the operator has to tell the machine which part he has put in. In this way, the correct marking program starts. In the future, thanks to modern sensor technology and image recognition software, the machine will recognize itself which component is ready and choose the corresponding program. In this situation, the part does not have to be inserted at a certain position. The machine is thát intelligent that it automatically directs the laser to the correct position to start the marking operation.

Date: 12 August 2019 |

Source of tekst: Trumpf |