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No less than 200.000 euro within one month; the crowdfunding campaign by the start-up Tinki.nl from Twente is a big success! It is such a success that even Hans Kwaad, former manager at Hyundai Netherlands has recently joined Tinki.nl as shareholder and will help founder Gerben Lievers in realizing his international ambition. But what idea lies behind this innovative start-up?

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Dog-platform Tinki.nl  went live in the Netherlands on October 4th, 2016, and now compares 60.000+ products from35+ webshops and 700+ brands. “Behind the scenes we’ve worked on this platform for years” says Gerben Lievers. “The results in the Netherlands are very good. Thanks to the successful crowdfunding-campaign we’re now ready to take on an international adventure.” That adventure will take off in Germany, this year.

First ever comparison-website for dog lovers

The dog-sector is a large market accountable for 500 million euro, annually, in just the Netherlands. In addition, it is also a very traditional sector: dog lovers still buy 95% of their products in physical shops, especially because they value personal advice. The expectation is that in 2020 at least 20% of all purchases will be done online. Tinki.nl is the first website in the sector with which dog enthusiasts can save money through comparing products on the elaborate comparison-website. The original purpose was to raise € 210.000 euro through crowdfunding. With the rapid success of this endeavor there is a lot of interest to invest in Tinki.nl and therefore, the amount has been increased to € 350.000 euro to be able to take on the international ambitions of Tinki.nl.

Entrepreneur Gerben Lievers


After graduating from commercial economy, Gerben enrolled for the course New Media at the University of Twente. He quit this beforehand to bring the family company to the next level. The, at that time loss-making advertising company Team Nijhuis was on the brink of bankruptcy. With Gerben as change-manager the company was transformed from traditional advertising company into one of the leading companies in digital marketing in the Netherlands.

The crowdfunding-campaign runs until February 1st. You can invest in Tinki.nl here!  

Date: 16 January 2017 |

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Author: Twente.com