Prestigious prize for design from Twente

“Our Twents and Dutch Design has great added value in, amongst other, Germany. We dare to think freely and design with a wink.”

Jacques Steven is one of the founders of IDpartners, an industrial designing-agency from Enschede, that started out as a start-up from the University of Twente. In recent years, they specialized predominantly in the development of machines, equipment and product series for the B2B market. Together with Dkon from Lengerich the focus area has been expanded to Germany and Switzerland. A partnership that has led to the IDkon concept: the development of machinery bodyworks; from design, via engineering and prototyping to the eventual delivery in series.

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State of the art design and the most efficient solution on the market

Just recently IDpartners, together with Hitec Power Protection from Almelo, were awarded the prestigious iF Design Award for the PowerPro2700. The worldwide acknowledged design-prize is awarded annually by Germany’s oldest and independent design organisation, the IF International Forum Design GmbH. The PowerPro2700 is a UPS-system for continuous and pure power supply. The installation consists of a generator, a flywheel, a diesel engine and a smart coupling. The flywheel (Kinetic Energy Module) can span a short period of power outage in combination with the induction coupling and the generator. If this outage lasts longer the diesel generator starts. The state of the art design in combination with maximum reliability, uptime and a 20% decrease in power consumption, makes the PowerPRO2700 the most efficient solution on the market.

A machine with a ‘pulse’


IDpartners, who worked with Hitec before, was asked to create a sturdy and reliable design for bodywork of the machine. Jacques: “The innovative character of the machine also had to show on the outside in our opinion. The bodywork is sound absorbing and has a cooling function. To us, it is a challenge to add ‘frivolous’ touch to such a design. That’s why the PowerPro 2700 had it’s ‘own heartbeat’ in the shape of a strip of pulsating led-lights. People often think of the manufacturing industry as old-fashioned. A machine is just a machine, that is subsequently often put in the basement or on the roof of a building. They often forget that these machines are operated by people and that in this automated world a machine can look trendy and safe. In the automotive industry, this thought has since long been accepted. One doesn’t just look at the quality of the engine but also whether there is a Bluetooth connection in the dashboard. In Twente we have innovative companies in the manufacturing industry and the creative technology that could work well together. If we combine the knowledge of both industry and design it could become a great success, also abroad. That why we are so happy with the iF Design Award. It gives Hitec and IDpartners in Germany a lot more publicity and it’s also a kind of recognition for our unique approach!”


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Date: 15 March 2017 |

Source of tekst: IDPartners |