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A healthier climate, fewer bacteria and viruses and better performances in the classroom and the office. All of this is possible thanks to the air treatment units that company Lught is producing in Oldenzaal. These advanced units ventilate and condition the indoor climate in classrooms and offices. Lught is currently developing a system that can also contribute to managing the Corona crisis.

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In short

  • Lught, from Oldenzaal, is producing air treatment units that provide a healthier climate, fewer bacteria and viruses and better performances.
  • They do this by taking fresh air from outside and filtering it.
  • They are currently working on an innovation that will purify the air that is already inside.

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Healthy, clean and fresh air

Lught, a company from Oldenzaal, has developed an innovative system that controls the CO₂ level inside a room. They do this with an air treatment unit that they call the BERAC.32. Lught specially designed it for schools and offices.


This system removes CO₂ from the room and supplies fresh oxygen from the outside air. The outside air is filtered by an ESP filter (electrostatic precipitation), which removes pollution from the air. Think of pollen and fine dust, but also of bacteria and viruses. The installation ensures that the CO₂ content in the room remains low and that fresh air continuously enters the room. Children, employees and everyone else will retain their concentration as a result, and absenteeism due to illness is considerably reduced.


Roelof Hadders: “The way we filter air is completely new as far as I know. Virtually nobody uses electrostatic filtering, at least not in a system like this one.”

Many advantages

The BERAC.32, Lught’s system, has many advantages. Not only does it ensure better alertness, but it can also provide extensive cooling and heating sustainably. Health, comfort, circularity and sustainability are all essential topics to Lught. The system has an installation height of only 20 centimetres and can therefore be installed above any system ceiling. The system is also very quiet, and it can respond to various situations. For example, the system instantly knows when more people enter the room, and it will immediately start ventilating more. Where other systems react to the CO₂ levels in the room, Lught works proactively with a system that counts the number of people.


A new system that lowers Corona transfer

Mainly outside air is filtered in Lught’s current system, but Lught is now also working on an innovation that can purify the air already in the room. “We are looking at a biocide, a liquid with an active substance that renders bacteria and viruses – like COVID-19 – harmless, both in the air and on surfaces. We hope to contribute in this way, to reduce the chances of Corona being transferred significantly”, says Roelof Hadders.


Date: 30 September 2020 |

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