In short

  • Non-profit organisations in the Netherlands all have a Supervisory Board. These supervisors often have a lot of experience in management.
  • The Nieuw Toezicht (New Supervision) initiative, set up by nine initiators from Twente, is looking for young talents with fresh perspectives for a supervisory board position.
  • These fresh thinkers will be offered traineeships in companies and organisations as junior supervisors.

Global Goal

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Inge Zwijnenberg, Regional Director at Rabobank, noticed that Twente needs a new voice on its councils. She also noticed that Twente has many talents that want to use their knowledge, expertise and experience for business and organisations in the region. However, these parties do not always find each other, and a lack of experience is often a barrier for aspiring supervisors to join a council. Inge and eight other managers and entrepreneurs from Twente started the ‘Nieuw Toezicht’ initiative last year to bridge this gap. 

Twente initiative

‘Nieuw Toezicht’ is an initiative from Twente that aims to keep Twente liveable and connected to all the changes in society and the business community. Society is becoming more and more diverse, and Twente needs supervisors that are in the midst of society. The initiative was started to ensure that the Supervisory Board reflects society and the target group of the associated foundation or organisation in the best way possible. 


Twente has many talented people with fresh perspectives and grand ambitions. This initiative allows them to gain experience on a supervisory board to gain the necessary experience to start working as supervisors themselves afterwards.


Ten candidates started their traineeships as supervisors at various companies in Twente in January 2020. The trainees do internships at companies to grow into their role as supervisor. The initiators also organise (online) meetings with the aim of sharing knowledge. It is important to connect these trainees with each other so that they can learn from each other through intervision.


All participants will have the necessary knowledge and experience after their traineeship, and they will be able to start working as supervisors themselves. The current traineeship will end in the summer, and the plan is to start with a new group afterwards. 


More information

The Nieuw Toezicht initiative was set up by Inge Zwijnenberg, Wilma Toering, Wilma van Ingen, Regina Nieuwmijer, Annerie Bemthuis, Caroline Kamphuis, Sanne Lohman, John van der Vegt and Marc Woesthuis.