IT Support Specialist Jeroen: 'People are always happy when I am there to help’

He loved computers even when he was a child. It started with games, but ‘seeing how it all works’ was even better. Jeroen Kerssies never lost this feeling and eventually started studying System Administration at the Alfa College in Hardenberg.

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In short:

  • Jeroen Kerssies from Hardenberg works as an IT Support Specialist at Previder in Hengelo. He urges job seekers to work at the company. It has an eye for ambition, and the atmosphere is excellent.
  • He loves working hard and weight training, but there should always be time for holidays and weekend trips.

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He started his career as a system administrator at a secondment agency in Amsterdam. “I liked the travelling”, he says, looking back. “I went to so many different places, from the police to the municipality of Veendam. Being at different organisations taught me a lot.”


He eventually ended up at Odin Group because he sought more stability. He worked at Heutink ICT for 2.5 years, where he worked for educational institutions. “I preferred businesses, though, so I switched to Previder in Hengelo. I have everything I want here, which is great. I still see many different places; law firms, housing associations, everything. I like visiting all these different organisations and talking to customers from different sectors. I work as a Support Specialist from the office in Hengelo and from home. I also have additional work and projects outside the office. A nice mix."

Great employer

Like anyone from Hardenberg, Jeroen stays down-to-earth. “Sure, sensing what the atmosphere is like somewhere is important. People are more formal in some settings, but my work is generally rewarding. I am currently providing support to customers working with Microsoft's cloud products. You help people as a support specialist, be it on-site or remote, and that makes people happy."


What makes Jeroen himself happy is that he received the opportunity to go to Previder’s customers, even as a brand-new employee. “The organisation is happy to help and give you opportunities if you express your ambitions clearly. I think this is very cool, and it is just one example of what makes Previder a great employer”, he says. “You get the chance to obtain certificates and realise your ambitions. I started working more from home during the corona period, which is still possible.” So IT specialist Previder is flexible, too. “And the atmosphere is great, don’t forget that”, he adds, pointing out that the company is still searching for new colleagues due to recent growth.

Because Jeroen doesn’t live in Twente but only works here, he only knows Hengelo a bit from going out with colleagues. "It's a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live here. My friends and family live in Hardenberg, and I don't want to leave. But it is only a forty-minute drive, which isn't too bad."


Jeroen can often be found at the gym in his spare time; he works out up to seven times per week. “I love it”, he says. “But the same goes for going on holidays. I enjoy going on weekend trips to Prague or Bali with my girlfriend, and we are going to Tenerife this summer. Going on vacation is always nice after working hard.”

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Date: 17 August 2022 |

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Author: Maaike Thüss

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