The sun: an inexhaustible source of solar energy

Solar energy is generated from solar radiation in the form of heat and light, a mixture of electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths of which 99 per cent lies between 300 and 3000 nm. Together with wind energy, tidal energy, hydropower and biomass, it forms more than 99.9 per cent of all renewable energy on earth. Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. Combined with the fact that renewable energy is free and inexhaustible, it provides Solar Team Twente’s cars with the best source of energy.

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Success by attention to detail

All the small details in the solar cars designed by Solar Team Twente matter to reduce air resistance, increase rolling speed and optimise energy management and efficiency. Bi-yearly the team competes in a world challenge, booking successes by attention to detail and building upon the previous innovative designs. Over the years the team has been able to put down an aerodynamic and high-tech design. Limits are pushed even higher by challenging increasingly tighter rules of the Solar Challenge.

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Outstanding technical features

Like in any of the past years, the solar car by Solar Team Twente is packed with exceptional technical features. All of them are the further development of inventions from previous Twente teams or ground-breaking innovations from the current student team of the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Most innovations have been discovered, designed and developed with numerous high-tech companies from within and outside Twente.