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Graduated from university… what’s next?


Many graduated talents struggle with finding the right job for them in the many available jobs. They don’t know where to start, what they really want and which companies in Twente truly match.

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In short

  • Many graduated talents struggle with finding the right job for them in the many available jobs.
  • Ascending People offers an impactful one-year traineeship to talents in which they quickly develop their professional and personal skills.

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Thanks to the support of Ascending People, Lotte Veldsink, Pascal Voerman and Jorn de Noord have found their first job. Since last year, they have been working at Pronexos, a subsidiary of Enrichment Technology Netherlands (ETC Nederland) in Almelo. The three talents started in three different positions with a solid range of duties and responsibilities. Also, they follow a traineeship at Ascending People and are given the opportunity to continue to develop themselves on a personal and professional level.


The young people got in touch with Ascending People via and Google, all looking for a matching job. Ascending People and ETC Nederland are convinced these young professionals have a lot of potential and have given them the opportunity to take the first and right step in their career.

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Match people based on their qualities

Ascending People aims to guide candidates to the right job. To do this, they look at not just education but the talents and qualities of each person individually. The goal is a match for both the company and the talented young person. 


To that end, Ascending People first conducts an extensive career advice meeting from which the profile and the professional and personal goals of the talent are derived. Belia Stokman, owner of Ascending People: “We look at the person, who you are, what you want and what you can do. Only then we link the talents to the labour market. An objective match, with which we want to kickstart careers. We want to connect talents and companies sustainably, so that we indirectly bind more talents to the Twente region.”


Jorn, who found a sales job at Pronexos via Ascending People: “Ascending People helped me find a job. I was looking for a job at an international company where I could combine my interest in sales and technology. Such a combination was hard to find. Ascending People has found the right function at the right company by listening to me and through their network.” Lotte is a marketing employee at Pronexos and simultaneously follows Ascending People’s traineeship. “Ascending People helped me find out what I like and what I want. I would never have connected me with ETC Nederland.” Pascal, commercial controller at Pronexos: “Ascending people Ascending People has presented me with several suitable jobs that I could explore and gave me the freedom to ultimately choose the best one.” 

Invest continuously

Ascending People’s one-year traineeship starts immediately after a right job has been found. Candidates enter in the employer’s service and meanwhile further develop personally and professionally through the traineeship. Employers invest in an acceleration of the development of their employees and bind them to their organization. 


Such investment in employees enables companies to grow, in turn boosting the region of Twente.


Alexandra Löwik (Human Resource and Organisation Business Partner at ETC Nederland): “We want to invest in talents and develop a cooperation for the future. The partnership with Ascending People helps us to attract, keep and develop young professionals. A win-win situation for us and the talents, in which we can offer the right guidance and function.”


Angie Lukman, program manager at Ascending People: “We increasingly often hear our customers say that our traineeship offers great added value in finding staff and developing soft skills, especially from technology companies in Twente.”

ETC Nederland focuses on ‘young’ talent

ETC Nederland has, in recent years, strategically chosen for more communication with the outside world and retaining young talents. They have realized that the company is less well known among this young talent target group and want to change this. ETC Nederlands invests significantly in their employees, including young talents. Lotte: “There is a high average age at ETC Nederland, which can make the company less attractive for young people.” Alexandra: “We want to make the young talents aware of the many challenges we offer. Young talents bring new insights and fresh ideas, but they are also important for us to transfer knowledge. Ascending People has bridged the gap.”

Working at ETC Nederland and Pronexos

Technology is the future. Lotte, Pascal and Jorn agree. Their interest in technology has led them to opt for ETC Nederland. Jorn: “I think the manufacturing industry is more fun and challenging than, for example, a service related job. I see it produces tangible results. Also, ETC Nederland offers young professionals the space to come up with new ideas and further develop them. Working at Pronexos and ETC Nederland is unique and challenging.”

Added value of a traineeship

The basis of Ascending People’s traineeship consists of interesting training days, fascinating speakers and personal coaching. The Ascending People team is personally involved and knowledgeable. Camiel Pas, organizational sociologist, offers personal and professional coaching and allows talents to develop themselves further. Also, he stimulates the young professionals to bring learned tips and tricks into practice.


Lotte: “The coaching moments offer a different perspective to work situations. I am forced to reflect on my actions.” Pascal: “It is a place where I meet talents that face similar situations. It allows for sharing experiences and taking learnings from others.” According to the talented young professionals, collaboration with the other trainees adds much value. A valuable network is created and developed for the future.

Date: 22 May 2019 |

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