Proef Eet Enschede is future-oriented

How food waste can still have value

We must use our planet sustainably. Acting differently can no longer be justified nowadays. Proef Eet shares this mindset. The 34th edition will start this weekend. Proef Eet is the go-to culinary event in Enschede. This year it is not only possible to taste delicious food from a variety of cultures. One can also see how individuals can contribute to a more sustainable world. On the so-called ‘sustainability square’, visitors experience how they can combat food waste and how leftover food can be valuable if used in the right way.

In short

  • A lot of food is wasted
  • Proef Eet Enschede demonstrated that food waste has value; it can be converted into compost
  • Proef Eet contributes to a circular economy: waste products will be reused as a raw material

Global Goal

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A composting machine and a shop with circular products are present at the sustainability square of Proef Eet. Circularity is based on the idea of losing no resources in production processes. Residual substances that are left after usage of a source such as food are re-purposed. Compost that can be made from food scraps can, for example, be used again in public or private gardens. Visitors can turn their waste into a new product that way.

The composting machine from Proef Eet is placed a special “green dome”. This green dome has been created by a group of Saxion students in collaboration with Twente Milieu. It is a fully self-sufficient concrete dome. The students have 3D printed the dome with a special printer that allows for printing concrete in all sorts of shapes. A true green and circular dome must of course also be self-sufficient. That is why the students have equipped the dome with solar panels and a rainwater collection system.

Waste coaches

Proef Eet has mobilised waste coaches. So, if you want to know how to handle waste at your home in a sustainable way, ask them for some advice! Many kilos of food scraps per inhabitant still end up in the grey waste bin. Among other things, the waste coaches advise visitors to throw organic waste in the green bin, because organic waste can be converted into compost. That is how waste can be given a second life.

Date: 29 August 2019 |

Source of tekst: Proef Eet Enschede |