Where do you stand? A difficult question to answer that prompts reflection. Where are you in life right now? Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Have you found balance in your career and personal life? Do you know yourself completely? Can you hold your ground in certain situations? Where do you stand in terms of Emancipation? These and many other unique questions will be asked during the Step Up Event on Monday, May 22nd!

Please note: this event is dutch spoken. 

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Event details

When: 22 May Up to and including 7 June 2023
Time: 13:00 - 19:00
Organizer: Twentse Vos & Future of Twente
Location: Grand café & boetiekhotel De Verééniging
Parallelweg Ls 2a
7553 LG Hengelo

Global Goal

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On May 22nd, it's time for the second edition of the Step Up Event. The goal of the event is to make every ambitious woman reflect on the present and the future. By defining where you stand now, you can more easily map out your future path. Curious? Sign up!

Get started on your future path

Twentse Vos and Future of Twente, led by moderator Brecht van Hulten, have an inspiring program in store for you! The question is not only where you stand, but also how you stand. How can your mindset, appearance, and presentation help you to hold your own? This is what you will learn during the keynote by Debby Mureau from Twentify: Present yourself with power. Additionally, you will hear success stories from powerful women from the Twente region. How did they get to where they are now?


You can participate in two of the following workshops:


Authentic BEING by Romina Pattiasina from Baanzin

Do you dare to be 100% yourself?


The Power of Work Happiness by Wendy de Wit

Gain insight into your own (work) happiness and how to increase it.


Discover the power of your nonverbal communication by Debby Mureau from Twentify

What should you pay attention to in terms of facial expressions, voice, speaking style, and appearance?


Your user manual by Debbie Pol from Baanzin

Gain insight into yourself and therefore into others.


Admission: 75 euros (excluding service fees)


Powered by Future of Twente and Twentse VOS This event is powered by Future of Twente and Twentse VOS. They organized the first edition of the Step Up Event together in 2022. Simultaneously, the Step Up Program was launched, a mentorship program for and by ambitious women from the Twente region.