Sustainable climate

Millions of cars must switch from polluting fossil fuels to clean fuels to achieve a sustainable living environment with zero CO2 emissions. The use of alternative fuels such as waste, biomass, wood pellets and wood chips are becoming more popular. Modern diesel and gasoline already partly consist of biofuels, next to the hydrocarbons from petroleum. In terms of quality, reliability and durability, these biofuels are not inferior to fossil fuels. The desire to switch to sustainable fuels is dependent on a few conditions:

  • What are the costs to switch?
  • Do current systems or means of transport technically support the new fuel?
  • For motorists: where can sustainable fuel be refuelled?

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Twente became big by burning coal, horses and carriages. These customs from a distant past have fueled our growing our economy for decades. Just like in the old times, we are at the forefront of innovation by our entrepreneurial spirit and drive to pioneer now that more and more attention is given to a sustainable economy.


Smart solution

The pyrolysis oil from Hengelo is a special fuel, saving a lot of fossil fuel. With their advanced technology, the technology company BTG BioLiquids (BTG-BTL) can convert biomass into bio-oil. Sawdust is converted to vegetable oil by incineration, making it a sustainable and renewable alternative to fossil fuels.

The hydrogen car developed by students from the University of Twente for participation in the Shell Eco Marathon also contributes to a sustainable future. This vehicle can cover a whopping 1,000 kilometres on just 1 litre of hydrogen. Green Team Twente has now developed a new hydrogen car that is better for the environment and our health compared to a gasoline or diesel car.

Fuel of the future

In Twente, companies are jointly developing alternative sources to reduce the use of scarce fossil fuels. Alternatives for diesel and gasoline are searched for globally because of the impact it has on the environment, for example, through transport. It is not simple to replace fossil fuels. The Enschede-based company HoST has developed installations that trigger the growth of a bio-based economy. Using more biofuels, such as pyrolysis oil, will be necessary. BTG-BioLiquids from Hengelo is a producer of this oil and supplies large companies such as FrieslandCampina with it. They use a sustainable process that produces renewable energy. 


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