Renewable Energy

The world’s demand for energy is increasing while our energy sources are running out. Solutions for producing sustainable energy and for saving energy in smart ways are being developed in Twente.


Green Hub Twente

The centre for sustainable knowledge and initiatives at the UT.

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Twente has space and knowledge

The energy transition that is currently taking place is more important than ever. We agreed to strive for an energy-neutral society in the Climate Agreement, which means emitting 49% less CO2 by 2030 (compared to 1990). It is important to take action now in order to realise the goals of the Climate Agreement.


Transitioning to an energy-neutral life means that a lot will change in the coming years. CO2 emissions must be reduced and making smart(er) use of renewable energy sources is just one of the solutions. Twente has many solutions in the field of renewable energy. City and countryside are still linked here, and this is a source of inspiration and innovation. Twente has both the space and the knowledge to come up with smart solutions. These solutions allow us to reduce and save energy, thus contributing to a better world.

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