Campus Café | Innovation vibes summer festival


Special edition: Innovation vibes summer festival

Doesn’t it feel great? The summer is just around the corner! And even better: the easing of the lockdown gives us more freedom to enjoy it. To make sure you start your summer with a nice dose of inspiration, we organize a special Campus Café: the Innovation Festival edition on 8 July. This edition will take place on the physical festival site of Kennispark Twente, the Innovatiepad. On the festival, several demos and pitches from innovative companies will be presented and prepare to serve as a test object yourself! Get a first glimpse of the innovative ingredients of the festival: One Third demonstrates their method to reduce food waste. Solar Team Twente, Electric Superbike and other UT teams want to battle you. Awaves lets you dance with their AI dj-platform and Xsens needs you for their live demo with innovative sensors.


When: July 8, 2021

Time: 15.30 - 18.30

Location: Kennispark, Enschede

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