Talent edition

Without talent, companies cannot exist or grow. Finding and tying talent to your company on all levels is therefore crucial for technological regions such as Twente. That is why the theme for the May edition of Campus Café is talent. We will give you an overview of initiatives to enable the match between talent and companies. Furthermore, we will explore how you as an entrepreneur or business owner can attract talent and we will provide you with practical advice to scale up your team with international talent. Lastly, one of our sessions is all about getting in contact with a couple of awesome regional scale-ups that offer interesting opportunities for students and young professionals.

The upcoming Campus Café will be a special edition, because we already start with our first session at 15:00 o’clock!


Date: May 20, 2021
Time: 3.00pm - 5.30pm
Location: Digital 


The information about the sessions will follow shortly.

3.00pm - Special session | Fortunately, Talent is building the green, technology region Twente 


Bright minds and a magic touch are crucial for the solutions of the challenges of this time and for the growth of the innovative manufacturing industry. Talent is therefore badly needed. During this session, the Twente Board tells about the initiatives in which they invest via the Regio Deal and the Agenda for Twente, such as the initiative 'Creatieve Broedplaatsen' and the 'Twents Fonds voor Vakmanschap'. You will hear from the talents themselves why this is so important. Learn more about these initiatives and why they could be interesting for your company. Furthermore, you'll get a sneak peek at the results of 2020. 

Spoken language of this session is Dutch.


 3.30pm - Breakout session | The Twente Talent Portal


At which companies in Twente is there a job for me and my unique talents? What is it like to live and work here? A lot of (nearly) graduates are asking themselves these questions. The SMEs in the region want to know how they can get in touch with the right talent and the knowledge institutions. Just before the summer, Talentpact Twente will launch the first version of the Twente Talent Portal. This portal will answer all the questions above. During this breakout session, Talentpact Twente will share the journey of the development of the portal and is very curious about your feedback and ideas so they can actually create added value with the portal. 

Spoken language of this session is Dutch.


3.30pm – Breakoutsessie | Meet & greet with regional scale-ups


Besides the companies that almost every student knows, Twente has many rapidly growing start- and scale-ups as well. This is partly thanks to the presence of Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente. These small and medium-sized companies have to offer a lot to students and young professionals. But how do you stay up to date about these companies, and how do you get in touch? In this session, we will introduce you to several of these businesses. Furthermore, Michiel van Gemert (Talent Netwerk Nederland) will give you practical advice which you can use to find your perfect employer. 

Spoken language of this session is English.


4.30pm - Breakout session | The international workplace 


As a company, you are constantly on the search for the right talent on the right for the right position. This could also be international talent. But where can you find these talents and what are aspects that you should take into consideration during hiring? Expat Centre East Netherlands will talk with different companies, for example with Ingemar Methorst, HR director of Micronit about the international talent within their company. They will share their experiences with hiring international talent, the choices that they've made, and what the added value is. Next to these experiences, you will also get more practical tips with regards to hiring international talent and where to start. 

Spoken language of this session is Dutch.


Campus Cafe is an initiative of the Twente top working locations HTSP, Connect-U, Kennispark, Technology Base, Xl Business Park in collaboration with Novel-T