Campus Café | Medical Technologies Speeded Up


Campus café 17 juni | Medical Technologies Speeded Up

The quality of our healthcare is improving at a fast pace. The reason? Technology. Twente is full of innovations in the field of medical technology. Spin-offs and SME’s are developing innovations that make healthcare more efficient, cheaper and more accurate. Because of the corona pandemic, these developments have only gone faster. What is the secret of MedTech Twente? The answer to this question will be central in the upcoming edition of Campus Café: from a deep dive into the latest technologies to an online tour in MedTech Twente.

3.30 pm – Breakout session | Tracking down biomarkers with the photonic biosensor

In recent years, new biosensor technologies have been developed that can detect biomarkers with increasing accuracy and speed. This can lead to a faster diagnosis of, for example, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases. Surfix, a member of the association for industry and science MinacNed, is developing such a specific biosensor technology: the photonic biosensor. What is special about their fast technology is that it can detect multiple biomarkers at the same time. As a result, this technology can revolutionize the world of medical diagnostics. In this session, Surfix tells you everything about the application of the photonic biosensor. In addition, Dr. Ivan Stojanovic from Oost NL tells you more about the European project ‘NeMs4Bio’: a modular (bio) sensing platform for a wide range of applications. In this session, you are in the right place for everything about biosensors!


4.30 pm - Technology Deep Dive | Personalised Care through Big Data and AI

Healthcare is innovating exponentially! Other disciplines are looking at how we can keep healthcare affordable and sustainable. Innovation Sprint is one of those 'other' disciplines. With Big Data and Artificial Intelligence they offer personalised care. For example, by applying Machine Learning, by monitoring how a patient responds to medication, but also by setting up digital trials. This summer, Belgian Innovation Sprint will establish itself at Kennispark. What can this innovative company mean for your business? And how does their technology work? A deep dive into big data and AI in the eHealth sector!


4.30 pm – Breakout sessie | Ecosystem Medtech Twente – WTC Twente

Meet the ins & outs of the rapidly growing Medtech cluster in Twente. In this cluster, companies, researchers and clinicians intensively work together to develop and create innovations with impact. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the fruitful Medtech ecosystem has strongly developed and proven itself. Do you want to know how we facilitate companies in growth here in Twente? And do you want to know which companies are part of the MedTech Twente Business Group? You will hear everything about it on 17 June. Bonus: you will get an exclusive sneak peek into the Techmed event that will take place on 3 & 4 November.